About Edcamp at BES

Edcamp is a free professional development format that allows educators to learn from one another.  On the day of an Edcamp, there will be time to build the board.  Educators will fill out cards with titles of topics and indicate if this is a topic they would like to learn more about or one they would like to lead a discussion on.  The Edcamp facilitators will take these cards to build the schedule for the day.

Once the schedule has been built, participants can go to any of the Edcamp sessions.  These sessions are informal.  Nothing needs to be prepared to lead a discussion and it isn’t a presentation.  Participants will talk to one another about the topic and share their experiences, ideas, questions, and concerns.  If you enter a session and find it doesn’t fit what you were looking for, leave and go to another session!  Edcamp allows all educators to learn about topics that are interesting to them.

If you would like to attend Edcamp at BES, please contact Dr. Elias through our website Contact page or by email at elias@blairstownelem.net.